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At Advanced Aesthetics, we recognize that the decision to undergo plastic surgery is a major one. Our expert plastic surgeon and artist Dr. John M. Choi is a master of balance and finesse at recognizing which cosmetic surgery procedures will best meet his patient's individual needs. He has performed surgery for many years at Florida Hospital and is currently practicing in Orlando, Florida. We are well known for stunning breast augmentations as well as sculpted tummy tucks.

Cosmetic surgery requires an eye for form, grace and proportion. As an artist as well as a surgeon, Dr. Choi applies his artistic eye to his patient's procedures. This is evident in the spectacular results he is able to achieve. To witness some of our Before and After photos, please visit our photo gallery.

Though the results of cosmetic surgery are beautiful, the process of undergoing surgery can be taxing. However, the majority of breast augmentations require 15 min and abdominoplasty's 60 min. At Advanced Aesthetics we provide a journey as stress-free as possible, with complementary consultation and follow ups. Dr. Choi Thoroughly addresses any concerns that the patient has with the famed water technique which minimizes trauma, pain and recovery. He provides a customized take-home package that can be reviewed whenever convenient.

Although we recommend you get a second or third opinion on what you can attain through plastic surgery, we are confident that you will come back to Advanced Aesthetics and Choose Dr. John Choi as your surgeon. Off note, we do claim the right to refuse a patient if we feel it is not of best intent and the results the patient desires can not be obtained.

Advanced Aesthetics offers a wide selection of procedures to enhance your appearance, including a full range of breast procedures, rhinoplasty, facelift, and tummy tuck. We encourage you to educate yourself about the procedures we offer by browsing our website. You can also view our before & after photo gallery, read more about Dr. Choi, and contact our office to schedule a consultation.